Our retreat began as the vision of one of our fellows, the late Dan Collins. His dream was to provide an opportunity for members of our CMA fellowship to have fun, get to know each other, connect with nature and our own spirituality, and to truly ‘find fellowship’ far from the urban jungle of our everyday lives.

Announcing the theme for this year’s Finding Fellowship Retreat

“Many have walked this path…”

You can find the entire reading here:  http://www.crystalmeth.org/fellowship/cma-literature-downloads/doc_download/3-today-i-can.html 

If you would like to donate money towards the Dan Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund, contact Mikey at treasurer@findingfellowshipsf.org.

Registration opens July 1st 2014

The 2014 Finding Fellowship Retreat – October 24th through  October 26th

Held in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California this year’s event will be from Friday, October 24th thru Sunday, October 26th, 2014. Hosted by fellows from Northern California Crystal Meth Anonymous, the weekend will provide a variety of recovery related activities, meetings, workshops, speakers, hiking and, of course, lots of fellowship.

This website will provide Finding Fellowship attendees with essential information regarding the upcoming event: What to expect, What to bring, How to get there, etc. Hopefully it will also get you excited about the retreat—it’s sure to be an amazing time for all who participate.

So take a look through the site, and we look forward to finding fellowship with you.

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